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What’s the Best Diet to Follow?

Have you made the choice to finally say “I’m going to choose a diet and I’m going to stick to it, even if it kills me!”?

Well, good for you! But where did you start? I bet you went to the book store, strolled over to the diet section and your jaw hit the floor. Not because there was a real cutie standing next to you, but you were so overwhelmed by the selection of books, you did an about face and went right to Starbucks and ordered an extra large double whip double chocolate chip frappuccino to mull it over.

Let me set the record straight on this and provide some good wholesome coaching y’all. Ha, love to throw a southern accent in there. I don’t know about you, but when I hear a southern accent, I sit up and pay attention!

The first most important thing you need to know is that there is absolutely NO SINGLE DIET out there that works in it’s entirety. Sure, they have good principles and it seems like pretty logical stuff but there are many factors to consider when choosing a principle that will work for you. If you are a meat and potatoes kinda person, would you pick up the latest copy of the Atkins Diet? I think not! (psst, and neither would I). And not only will that same diet lose gumption over time, you will most likely find new things you want to try…like taking up running instead of hitting the weights at the gym for your spice of life.

A good common ground that most of the diets out there do mimic, is that they all tend to encourage avoiding processed foods and go for lots of vegetables with lots of leafy greens. So, if the majority of these diets are telling us to load up on our veggies, why are we so hesitant? Do you really think a cosmic guru from outer space is going to come down and tell you that he has the magic pill to give you the sexy curves you’ve been dying to show off in the bedroom?…didn’t think so.

The other thing they tend to do with you giving it a whole lot of thought is that they get your brain thinking about adopting and following other healthy habits. Ok, so if I’m going to start eating better, than I better go down and join that gym down around the corner. That’s the ticket!!! See, you’ve been paying attention to Body Health Coach, haven’t you? Gold star my friend. When you couple good, clean nutrition habits (ahem, meal plan and MEAL PLAN NOTES AND GUIDELINES)with equally good exercise as part of your DAILY ROUTINE, you can expect to lose up to three times more fat than just exercise alone. BINGO! Hit the nail on the head.

This stuff drives my passion for nutrition through the roof! I am so super excited and super blessed to do something that I love!

Body Health Coach is the answer for all truth in the fitness and nutrition industry. There is no guesswork, there is no half way. If you’re going to do it, then strive to do it. You are in the right place at the right time and there is no mistake in that. So many sites out there just want your money. They don’t care about your commitment. Heck, they don’t even care about you. But I do!

I’ll give you recipes for the sweet tooth, like my peanut butter chocolate powerballs, or my pumpkin pancakes to name a few. 

Have comfort in knowing that I pay attention to your needs and I address those needs in a very positive and nurturing way. No matter what your age, your fitness level or your health, I’ve got your back!

Finally, when you are looking for that magic plan, make sure you do your homework. Ask yourself does this plan actually fit in with my life (that’s a big thing), can I see myself following it, are the principles too off-the-wall, does it teach me good nutrition fundamentals, does it teach me how to live (really important, don’t you think?) does it make sense and does it address what it is you want to accomplish. This is just the tip of the iceberg in getting to know that little book you just placed in your hands. I know it’s a lot to think about but you want to know these things before you commit.

Do not hesitate to come here, to Body Health Coach to clarify and confirm any questions or notions you may have to determine if the plan is right for you. There’s a lot of knowledge in this head of mine to share with you. 

So to recap, look for things within the diet protocol that take lifestyle, goals and exercise into account. Think of it as a the trinity of health. Without one, there is nothing. When you want the right answers, you need to come to Body Health Coach in order for you to be truly successful and lastly, take control of your own health because no one will do it for you.

Have a super healthy day!
Body Health Coach, Kristine Srigley



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