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My name is Kristine Srigley, and I am a Body Health Coach. I know, you’re asking – what is a body health coach?

I help like-minded women to be understood, be listened to, motivated and inspired to be the fittest, happiest and hottest women around! Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned athlete, my knowledge spans the horizon, and now I am offering you the same level of knowledge, assistance and support without the interruption of an actual personal appointment. Now you can get all you need to make it happen through my exciting online weight loss program, the LEAN BODY BLUEPRINT.

Body Health Coaching, teaches simple, precise and easy to follow instructions toward health. My meal plans, provided, come with notes, guidelines and a checklist to guide you through simple-to-execute steps for clean and healthy eating. Support is always given with compassion and understanding. Healthy, clean eating can be a daunting road when learning this new skill set.

It’s about lifestyle, but more importantly it’s about your future. You want to live a future where you are there for your kids, to have the energy and vitality to keep up, to not have sore joints anymore or to be winded from a simple flight of stairs. As a Body Health Coach, I am here to help you be transformed through renewed health and be radically changed with the way you look at food. All while never dieting again.

You are invited to take 4 weeks to change your life, your looks, your health and your mindset.

Take a look, and make the decision to a better way, a lasting way, a healthier way to get yourself into shape. Just click here.

I live out my passion by empowering other women with the skill sets they need to be successful for a lifetime with food and exercise without ever following a fad diet. For over 20 years, I have been offering one-on-one coaching in both nutrition and personal training with full accountability and tightly connected support, customized meal planning and fast, effective workouts that will never leave you bored or your body in an unresponsive state. Big changes happen here!

Now I am offering the same thing online, allowing more people to take advantage of this exciting program.

Feeding The Beast Within

Struggling with what foods to eat and what to avoid can leave you feeling stuck and hopeless. There’s nothing worse than feeling the jab of guilt that you get when you tried to turn down that piece of triple chocolate fudge miracle cake.

But I can show you a better way.

A way to have your cake and eat it too, all while STILL LOSING WEIGHT!

Let me help get you on track and conquering both weight loss and health with easy to implement ideas and recipes that you will love that will leave you feeling like you have finally found someone who gets you. Because I do!

I promise you will never go hungry, you will kill your cravings and will have delicious super healthy sweet snacks to indulge in each and every day while hitting your goals, and yes, they are clean eating friendly!

I know you’ve been looking for that golden key to feel better, function better and live a life full of vitality. I am a true advocate that practices what I preach…..and even better, I am a down to earth, super friendly and approachable coach that wants your success to be her success too!!

Fitness As My Witness

The single most effective exercise solution to weight loss and a super toned body is a HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) session.

Once my clients are given the clear, I show them strength they never knew they had, the endurance that sparks a high burning fat zone and a proud sense of accomplishment. These workouts are short and only need a maximum of 4 completed circuits for a total of 20 minutes, 3 times a week to see outstanding results when accompanied by a clean eating plan.

Consistency in both exercise and nutrition gives you the biggest pay off. You don’t have to kill yourself doing it or become a cardio queen for endless hours to lose body fat and look your best. You just have to exercise smarter and for shorter durations for big pay off’s to your body composition. You will be left feeling happy, energized and confident in the mirror once again.


Body Health Coach gives you unparalleled support to give you the results you’ve sought after with confidence.

Come along with me for a weight loss strategy that is truly sustainable, is effective and gives you both the body and the health that you are after. Health is the best investment and the LEAN BODY BLUEPRINT is your answer to the body you want and need.

Lots of love,

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