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This Weight Loss Combo Helps Fat Loss

Here we are my healthy friends! Gearing up for yet another summer! Woohooo!!! I AM EXCITED!!

All my clients are very absolutely jovial!

Number 1: Cuz it’s Summer of course!!! And…
Number 2: Cuz I told each and every client to just chill out for the next couple of weeks and NOT stick to their meal plan so much.


“That is so opposite of what I thought you were gonna make me do, let alone SAY!!!!”

It’s true. My guided meal plans give you 2 cheats a week ( I lovingly refer to these as Friday and Saturday nights) but hey, do what you feel but a good idea is to PLAN your cheats around parties and . It helps a social events. It helps a lot!

What most of my clients don’t really know (but will now!!!) is that you can cheat upwards of 8 times a week and STILL STAY ON TRACK!

Shut the front door, right?

Think about this. 5 meals a day times 7 days a week is 35 meals for the week. If you stick to the plan with an 80 % adherence is (35 X 80%), that gives you 7 cheat meals a week.

Theoretically, that’s a cheat snack every day Monday to Friday!!!

Livestrong has an article titled The Art and Science of Cheat Meals that solidifies what I am writing today about. 

And yes, you COULD hit your goals but that doesn’t mean you WILL with that kind of cheating if you ask me. And not only that, it will take longer to hit your goals with lots of frustration on your end and then lots of frustration on my end as I try to needle through the worst thing you ate and try to make your body abandon it when it comes to the scale.

Not a good scenario if you are a results driven girl like moi!

I demand nothing less than 90% adherence to the plan (which actually gives you 3 1/2 cheat meals per week but I have undercut it to 2).

It is still very do-able so don’t ya tell me it isn’t. Clients think so and of course, I think so too! I’ve lived like this for over 20 years so I know what works, what doesn’t work and why it doesn’t work.

You have to have something to work towards. And I like to start with one small goal and build on that.

For instance, it’s Monday morning (wish I could hit the delete button on Mondays sometimes). I start out with my daily nutrition of breakfast and then hit the gym when the kids hit the bus and go off to school.

I’ve already told myself that I have to be good (been telling myself that for like 20 plus years now!) till the end of the week; make nutrition clean, have my clear fitness goals in mind and some motivational quotes to go a long way to keep me interested and on top of my game for the week.
This week, Friday will be a celebratory glass of wine and some munchies with the gal pals. And not healthy ones either but it’s all about moderation. My secret to start the night off is a protein shake to fill me up before I go and a shot of fish oil.

Sound disgusting?

Look where I am going with this. For those of you that have been with me over the long haul, you know that protein and essential fatty acids (EFA’s) are the key factors in driving metabolism. You also know that EFA’s slow down digestion and is slow release into the bloodstream to help us feel fuller longer.

Soooooooo, if you have a protein shake with water and a table spoon of good fats, by the time you get to the party, you are not dying of starvation AND you’ve stoked your metabolism AND you’ve have slowed down the release of alcohol into your system because fats slow down digestion (therefore the ENTIRE glass of wine does not get absorbed by your butt!) AND you’ve saved yourself from consuming a ton of extra calories.

How’s that for effective cheating?? Amazing I say but you be the judge!

It’s a little short cut but definitely a highly effective one!

Let’s reiterate so you don’t get stuck in the wrong mind set. This is NOT a ticket to go out and feed your face off, feel guilty the next day and vow to never stick to your healthy goals cuz you think you just plain can’t do it.

This is for celebrating your body and your mind. You made awesome choices this year and the simple fact is now that summer is here and now you’re in the know when it comes to cheating and setting the pace for a successful healthy lifestyle . So there’s no beatings going on here. No scolding and no finger pointing doing “tsk tsk tsk, I told you so.

Keep me in the loop by contacting me with how you keep it together for the Summer. Also, don’t  forget to spend some quality time on the site and pick up a meal plan suited to your individual needs. Add a comment on what you would like me to write about and hey, ya just might see it here real soon. In the meantime, keep shootin’ for the stars!!!!!

Body Health Coach, Kristine Srigley

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