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“Super Foods” Saying is “Over Stated”

OK, after picking up the latest issue of a well known health magazine in my area, the same headline screams at me. “Top 10 Superfoods you didn’t know about”.

Oh, really?!?!?

There must be some new discovery about some wacky fruit they found in the amazon or something. Will it iron out wrinkles? Will it recapture youth? HHHmmmm, so curiosity gets the better of me so I find the index and flip to the article.

HUGE bummer!

The article mentions everyday foods we eat practically on a daily basis; onions (already knew that), broccoli (yep, knew that) and salmon (and yes, we ALL. know that too!!) to name a few. Here’s the catch on that article friends; Every single food in its natural state is a super food! Hands down!

The public picks up these articles, especially someone who has taken hold of their own destiny by looking after their health and they are immediately thinking to themselves that all they have to do is go to the grocery store and buy these 10 items and they will be healthy and vibrant. Au contraire, these people will actually stick to these 10 foods and eventually become deficient (vitamin/minerally speaking) in other areas of their diet because they failed to get nutrients from other fantastic foods in their diet.  Find out more here. 

The key has always been to take a “eat the rainbow” approach and make sure you get as many colors in your diet throughout the day. Take a walk through the produce isle. Colors scream at you with the bright yellows, vibrant reds, lush greens and beautiful purple hues. The produce isle IS your multi vitamin! OK, so with that being said, we all know that fruits and vegetables contain a plethora of vitamins, minerals, fibre, enzymes, poyphenols and a ton of antioxidants just to name a few.  So why aren’t you eating more of them?!

Media has brought attention to the use and benefits of essential fatty acids and the grain/starch category has proven essential for increasing glycogen stores and is responsible for feeding our brains the glucose it needs in order to be able to think clearly.

When doing meal plans for my clients, I NEVER deprive them of anything! Whether it’s wine or chocolate or something they simply cannot live without, I incorporate it into their diet. Why?  Because the very minute you take something away from someone, they will crave it with a vengeance and often end up sabotaging themselves.  

Living a healthy lifestyle has NOTHING to do with deprivation, it has everything to do with moderation and learning the techniques required to respect your body and respect food for what it really is – a nourishment to your cells to keep you living optimally.

Body Health Coach, Kristine Srigley



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