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Secrets That Weight Loss Companies Don’t Want You To Know

Everyone loves a good secret, right?  A good secret can be exhilarating and juicy. Often times, entertaining. However, when secrets are used as a means to take advantage of others, those feelings of excitement soon turn to feelings of rage with me.  How about you??

I’m talking primarily about weight loss companies from all over the world have been feeding vulnerable individuals their “keys to weight loss” to fuel their own pocketbooks.

Weight loss companies across North America  gross nearly $24 billion dollars annually! With over half of one nation alone, it appears their marketing concepts are working.

Although some companies have their clients’ interests at heart, many are only focused on the mighty dollar. In fact, they hold a few secrets of their own about weight loss and dieting. If you’re considering going on a diet through a popular program, check out this list of secrets weight loss companies don’t want you to know! And if you want to spend more time on this at the end of the blog, come back here and check out these diet scams.

Deception does not glitter

Weight loss companies love to portray their product as better than the rest or have the key you’ve been missing. Although their statements may sound compelling, the truth behind it is usually fictitious, too hard to follow or starves you to death.  None of these components are a part of the Body Health Coach methodology.

At the end of the day, weight loss companies are still just businesses at the end of the day. They feed consumers these fantasies of being able to lose weight with minimal effort in order to turn a profit.  MLM (multi level marketing) is a prime example.  Some tell you to drink nothing but shakes all day (hello cravings and BORING meals to choke back) and watch the weight fall off.  Yes, right out the window when you cave after 2 days of starving yourself this way and the dreaded weight gain returns.  Often times, more than you lost!  EEEK!

On the subject of false advertising, many weight loss companies say that their products are 100% natural, and holistic.

This one burns my a**!  They also claim to be effective simply because they are government approved. What you might find surprising is that, although they may package their products as being government approved, that doesn’t guarantee their safety. I have seen this time and time again in my practice.  Just because you bought it in a health food store or the organic section of the grocery market doesn’t mean it can’t harm you in some way.  This is where a qualified professional can give you the guidance, love and support you deserve. 

The Dietary Supplement and Health Education Act does NOT expect companies to prove their effectiveness through tests, surveys or research. This means that companies can endorse a product that may not really work.  And we expect nothing less than to believe them.

This solidifies the importance of consulting with your Nutritionist, Dietician or Doctor prior to taking dietary supplements or signing up for a new program. Extensive research on your part is also vital in order to determine what works best for you. Talk with them.  Make sure you have a good rapport with them and listen to what they are saying.  Most times you can distinguish between a quack and a real professional. 

Coinciding with false advertising, many weight loss companies preach the notion that you can obtain an x amount of results in a short span of time. This marketing scheme provides people with the idea that they can be fit and healthy without putting in the necessary work.

Let me be clear on this. There is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING other than HARD WORK that is going to get you the results you want.  That, and some WILLPOWER will go a long way.  I ask specific questions that help me to help my clients with the best tools for them.  One strategy that works for one may not work for another at all. 

The truth is, changing your body structure, losing weight and living a healthy life requires work. Weight doesn’t magically fall off simply by sleeping, taking a pill, or standing. It requires determination, endurance and of course effort.

Weight loss companies have made a fortune tricking people into believing that major lifestyle changes are effortless.

There are plenty of weight loss companies dying to capitalize off your vulnerability. They use strategic marketing plans to real you in and take your money.

Although there are some valuable companies on the market, it’s imperative for you as the consumer to do your due diligence.

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