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How Do You Hit Your Fitness Goals? Pretend Like It’s Gonna Happen

Wanna know how I keep my fitness goals in check when I don’t have anyone to rely on but little ol me? I pretend. I check out one of the many fitness organization’s sites in my area and find out which ones have upcoming fitness shows in the next 6 months. (6 months is considered […]

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7 Day New Body Reveal, lose 7 pounds in 10 days

I Lost 4 Pounds in One Week and Clients Lost 10 Pounds!

Got your attention, didn’t I? Well, it’s true. I wasn’t trying but I have been overcome with holiday stress along with some personal stress, combated a cold and didn’t take the time to eat properly. Sounds all too familiar, right? Oh wait, let’s not forget the other side of the coin. Same scenario but you […]

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Body Health Coach, Kristine Srigley

A Coach with The Difference

Even though it is a proven fact that having a great, happy body is 80% nutrition and 20% effort, if you want to see those results come with the outcome of a va-va voom body, you’ve gotta be prepared to give it an honest effort of blood, sweat and tears. Are ya with me? Can […]

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