Kristine Srigley & The Lean Body Blueprint weight loss program

You are just one step away from
a lean, healthy, exciting body!

The secrets to making it happen and exploding your
self-esteem, happiness and health!

Dear Friend,

Imagine toning your body and eliminating the weight and bulges while learning the secrets of clean eating and forever elimination of those awful and usually unhealthy diets.

What I am about to introduce to you, creates a new you.   An exciting, well toned and healthy you that will change your attitude toward life and bring about the best transition you can imagine.

Hi, my name is Kristine Srigley, and I’ve been a Body Health Coach for 25 years. I teach ladies just like you how to eliminate diets forever by becoming clean, healthy eaters.

Lean Body Blueprint weight loss programThere’s no question that you must eat to survive. It’s just a question of what kind of life and body you want to live with. Most, if not all of the “fad” diets you’re reading about every other day are not only a waste of time and money, they are depression generators when they don’t work after weeks and weeks of your time and money spent to make things better for yourself.

You don’t need a diet to lose weight and get into shape and feel good, really good about yourself. You just need a plan that works, has been real world tested for years and doesn’t starve you into bad health.

I’ve spent years perfecting that plan, and I teach it every day and now I’m offering it to you. It’s the…

In this letter, I’m not going to resort to fancy graphics and pictures of lean models to entice you to try the DIETS ARE DEAD LEAN BODY BLUEPRINT. Instead I am just going to tell you what the blueprint is all about and let you make up your own mind.

The Diets are Dead Lean Body Blueprint is a complete, out of the box weight loss system that captures your health in a new and refreshing way that lasts an entire lifetime without ever having the need to diet.

The Lean Body Blueprint shows you how to eat clean (healthy) by choosing the foods that are best for you, without any deprivation and even includes 2 scheduled cheat meals a week to enjoy your usual indulgences.

Most diets suck.

You know it and I know it, so let’s annihilate them right now!

Diets are complicated, overwhelming, have too many weird foods in the menu or before you start there’s a 500-page book to read.

I’m a “show me” kind of girl.

Don’t TELL me how to do something, SHOW ME. The Lean Body Blueprint does just that. It’s a complete step-by-step plan to lose weight and get yourself nearer to that perfect body you are looking for, all in 28-days – 4 weeks.

Can you relate?

If you’re the same kind of women and just want the solution to get your body-party started, well, you have arrived!

It’s your final crack at losing weight and feeling absolutely fantastic, forever and for the last time, so you will never have to jump on the diet train again or wonder how to keep your body in a state of optimal wellness for the rest of your days.

With the Lean Body Blueprint, you will find super simple meal plans that are so easy, they don’t even need a recipe. Prepare the foods that you see, paying attention to your portions when needed, add your flavor kicks from the spice rack and you’re all set.

There is also flexibility in the Lean Body Blueprint meal plans. Your healthy eating is not rigid or carved in stone. You’ll learn the easy ways to use the blueprint to your advantage. Never has anyone given you such flex in eating!

All your guidance, materials and support are in a close at hand digital book format that keeps you at the top of your game without having to rifle through a novel and wonder where the heck you saw that piece of information that you need NOW at your fingertips.

You have joined me here to get serious about your weight, your health and your attitude toward a new and exciting lifestyle and I warmly welcome you with sister love.

I vow to improve your health, harness your energy, tap into your vitality and make you feel good about yourself again with an unshakeable confidence as you shed body fat and achieve optimal health.

What do others say about my methods to lose weight and keep it off?

Kelly, another happy client, says…

It’s a great program to kickstart me back to eating better and get me back on track. Cravings have gone away.

Did I mention support? My email is in the Blueprint and I encourage you to contact me anytime you might have questions or problems. True support right from the creator of this Lean Body Blueprint plan.

I am looking forward to your participation and helping you become the new you!

Body Health Coach, Kristine Srigley



P.S. Through this Blueprint, you’ll look at health in a holistic, sustainable way and learn how food affects our bodies. You’ll learn the Body Health Coach method that is not taught anywhere else, and prepares you to NEVER DIET AGAIN while developing healthy eating patterns and choices.


The Lean Body Blueprint is just US$49 for the most complete
and effective weight loss plan on the planet.


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