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How this Nutritionist Cheats on Her Diet While on Vacation

I am finally at the cottage, coffee in hand and the sun is starting to set.

It is a very welcomed vacation and I can already feel the rejuvenating process take hold. This is going to be a 4 day get away that will take me on an occassional nature run (yay!), time spent with the family and getting a lot of thoughts and ideas on paper and watch them blossom into great blogs for you to read.
I don’t really have a thought provoking idea in hand to write but the first fruits of my mental labour bring me to the fridge. Yeah, the fridge. When you really get to know me, you’ll come to realize I’m always thinking about food. Like, CONSTANTLY!!

And even though this is a vacation where most people throw their diet to the wind and eat whatever they fancy, well, I do too — but it’s actually in this rejuvenation state that MAKES me want to be even healthier to my body. The cottage fridge is packed full of the rainbow. Crisp green cucumbers, brightly hued peppers in orange, red, yellow and green, followed by a bag of healthy mixed greens, pink grapefruits and in season pears.

Don’t get me wrong. I have some vices that are joining me on this vacation too! A nice bottle of red wine when the kids are finally fast asleep (which is hopefully soon since I’m a responsible parent, don’t ya know!), a couple of light beers if I choose to indulge and a chocolate peanut butter pretzel snack (YUM!). Not to mention campfire chippies. Oh, potato chips! Sometimes ya just gotta — and NO, you cannot stop at just one but if you can’t, that’s another blog all together to help you say no. 

On top of these healthy options, I simultaneously decided to do a cleanse (detox) on this journey. To me, this means following a 30 day kit. My absolute favourite cleanse by far is by a company called RENEW and the kit is called CleanseSmart.

I have tried a lot of detoxing kits out there and this is my go to fav. Why? It’s super easy.

One pill in the morning, another in the afternoon and two pills on an empty stomach at bedtime. That’s it. They include a sheet with dietary guidelines. The closer you stick to those, the better the detox results will be. I pretty much eat clean all the time so I don’t find it a difficult thing to follow but there is ONE THING I’m not giving up — and that is COFFEE!! Don’t you dare even think about taking THIS from me!

I can’t do it, I won’t do it and you can’t make me do it! Even when I was pregnant with both kids, I’ll give a lot of things up but don’t ask a pregnant hormonal woman to give up the only thing she would pretty much DIE FOR or you’re gonna get hurt!

Using keys to effectively cheat and recharge your metabolism is very important. Nope, let’s re phrase that, IT IS CRUCIAL FOR YOU TO CHEAT WHILE TRYING TO ACHIEVE WEIGHT LOSS OR A FITNESS GOAL. By doing this, you remind your body what it’s like to indulge in “off limit” foods from time to time and best of all, it kick starts your metabolism to move either the scale or your fitness goals to new heights.

But, you have to know what you are doing in order to be successful.

One of these methods is carb loading but I am going to save that for another time.

So do you want to know how a day in the life of a nutritionist looks?

FANTASTIC, because I am going to give you a step by step.

Travel day for us started on a Thursday morning. Prior to this, I made a grocery run and bought lots of fresh fruit and veggies, two tubs of hummus because quite frankly, I literally cannot live without it, and a ton of protein choices to take with me…chicken breasts, cans of tuna, ziplock bags of pre portioned protein powder and eggs. And oh yeah, a few protein bars in case I get stuck for something quick to eat.

So we hit the road by 8:30 in the morning, grab a nice large skim milk cappuccino and hit the open road. I already started the day with a healthy breakfast of whole wheat toast with natural peanut butter and a protein shake. Since my cappuccino was a large one, I call it a mini meal because of the size and the fact that it’s giving me some carbs (not a lot) and about 15 grams of protein from the milk. I usually take sugar but have been sucking it up and drinking it without the sugar and it actually tastes better.

I didn’t mention it was a 4 hour car ride but all things equal, you have to adjust for pee breaks and lunch. I didn’t eat anything else until we stopped for lunch which was right on my target to eat every 3-4 hours so that made mommy a very happy camper. I chose a grilled chicken wrap so I could stay on track the best I could. The wrap was adding more unnecessary carbs to my day but sometimes you just gotta make the best with what you have. Fortunately, it was LOADED with veggies and a BBQ dressing that was light. Darn near perfect. Probably the biggest downfall was yet another cup of coffee but it was AMAZING coffee and hit the spot.

Another hour and half in, no food necessary as I was still really full from the wrap at lunch time, we hit our destination. As soon as I unpacked, I got right to work in the kitchen and cut up my fresh peppers and cukes so I had no excuses when cravings would hit later on. And boy, did they! The funny thing is, I didn’t crave nasty, I craved healthy.

It seems when I am close to nature and relaxing in darling Mother Nature, my body wants the clean burning fuel. Man, I LOVE THAT!!

By now I have a slight headache that is starting to intensify. I brush this off as a side effect of the detox, which it probably is, but I’ve also had too many coffee’s too.

We head into town, head back to the cottage and look at the time. Holy crap, it’s 5:30pm! As soon as I said that, my stomach started kicking up a fuss and freaking out because I neglected her since lunch time.

Time does fly when you’re having fun!

I quickly grabbed a pear while my husband grabbed the bag of potato chips and ripped them open with a hunger vengance. As I was eating the pear, I added protein to water and had an instant shake. This will tie me over while dinner cooks. That’s at least 20-30 minutes away.

Fast forward to dinner. I grab what I always grab first when putting a meal together – protein. Two pieces of fish. This is considered another cheat of the day because the fish was breaded. Next I grab carbs. I added 1/2 cup of baby potatoes done in a sprinkling of coconut oil. That last part was my healthy fats. I also completely pigged out on the peppers and cukes I cut up previously and alas, I did not grab anything sweet after din. I was satisfied.

This was wrapped up at 6:30 pm and we finished the night at 8pm by the fire with a big bowl of organic, non GMO popcorn. Oh so healthy again.

To make this great night even greater, the kids collapse in bed and I finish this blog with a final sip of my big, beautiful glass of shiraz.
G’Night all….

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