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Fundamental Steps to Nail your Success

The most important thing I want you to remember about this blog is that it is merely a teaching guideline. But a very good one if ya ask me!

However, with that being said, fundamentals are extremely important for you to set the pace for both learning and for a successful journey. All fundamentals in life are foundational.  Without them, you cannot build on or move forward.

It is not imperative you learn these steps all at once. Like I said, I want you to use it merely as a guideline. Eventually, these lifestyle changes will become second nature as we spend quality time together.

So let’s dive in.

This is your mindful nutrition navigation for each and every day.

1. First, eat a balanced meal or snack every 3-4 hours. (Protein, Carbs and Fats)

2. Aim for 30 minutes of exercise everyday. Yeah, yeah, you hate exercise. Do you want to be healthy and sexy or what?! It does not have to be all at once, just break it up into 3 ten minutes sessions if that’s what it takes. GET GOIN’!!

3. Stay hydrated. Drink one more glass of water today than you did yesterday.

4. Eat at least 4 one cup servings of veggies each day. If you can’t do that, start with 1 cup and increase by one serving per week. Easy peasy lemon squeezie they say!  And it actually is.  Go check out the spice rack at your local grocer and grab a few bottles because the sky is the limit when it comes to using these as flavor enhancers. 

5. Avoid all foods that come in a box (processed foods).  Period.  End of story.

6. Avoid the “white devils” : sugar, flour, breads and pasta. Have whole grain, minimal ingredient list alternatives instead.

7. Replace grains with greens during meals.  Talk about a fat burning meal right here ladies!! Greens are scientifically proven to melt bodyfat, give your body a truckload of nutrients and is lower in calories than the grain.

8. Become a label reader. When you know more, you make better informed decisions.

9. Eating healthy fats make you healthier and leaner, not fatter. Flax seeds, olives, avocados, coconut oil, olive oil, etc BUT watch your portions!  2 tbsp. max per serving and sometimes this is too much. Your coach can help you with this. 😉

10. It is not about counting calories. It’s about eating balanced meals that lead with lean protein and good essential fats.

11. Always have healthy snacks with you at all times. Though shall not be tempted.

12. Make use of your local farmer’s market. Help your local farmer, ensure your food hasn’t travelled 1000 miles or more and put your money back into your local community.

There you have it.

You probably thought I was going to tell you to do the unthinkable and add some weird slimy crap of a supplement to your daily routine but I haven’t. In fact, you are probably already living and implementing a couple of these routines right now. They may need tweaking but at least you’ve started. No biggie.

You can also take 1 item from the list and work on that one thing everyday for a week (or longer if needed) until it becomes routine. There is no right or wrong way to do this. The concept is to work on moving you closer to the right side of the health and wellness continuum.

Sometimes mentally and verbally challenging yourself to adopt a healthier way of living turns out to be very overwhelming so I hope my suggestions (1.) make sense (2.) lighten the load. After all, my desire for you to succeed is everything to me.

Now get out there and grab that gratitude wheel and cruise!


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