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just tell me what to eat

Just Tell Me What to Eat to Lose Weight

Hello beauties!! Hot off this month’s press today is a request I get asked all the time. “Just tell me what to eat and I’ll do it!” They want to know specifics on what to eat, when to eat, what does that look like, how long will it take and the BIGGEST yet is, “How […]

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When to eat carbs

When To Eat Your Carbs

Let’s just take an example of a “typical” breakfast for a moment…. And let’s say today’s breakfast is a bowl of Kashi Go Lean cereal. It has 13 grams of protein per 1 cup serving and and 5 grams of fibre. OK, so off the top, I am not overly impressed with the 9 grams […]

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kick diets out

Show up, Kick Doubt Out and No BS Today

I went to the gym this morning and it felt like another day. Nothing spectacular. I even started my workout and the thought crept in my head and said “man, I’m not really into this today”. So, I told me brain to SHUT UP, SUCK IT UP and STRAIGHTEN UP. After all, today was a […]

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Kristine-Niagara Top Fitness and Nutrition Trainer


LIVING THAT HEALTHY LIFE ONE DAY AT A TIME BECAUSE LET’S FACE IT,   DIETS SUCK. I am you Body Health Coach, but what exactly is a body health coach? I help like-minded women to be understood, be listened to, motivated and inspired to be the fittest, happiest and hottest women around! Whether you are […]

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