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Kristine-Niagara Top Fitness and Nutrition Trainer

Hello Beautiful!  A very warm welcome to you from Body Health Coach, your Online Trainer for Optimal Nutrition and Fitness. BHC provides professional diet, nutrition and fitness advice that hates the word diet and will never count a calorie.  And you won’t either!   Super excitement is over the top!

First of all, let me tell you that this initiative started to bring information to the people of Niagara. Information then took off to the masses to inform consumers about the world of complete health.  I teach through blogging, social media and consulting, about what to watch for out there in the world of fitness and nutrition.  Helping so many people lose that unwanted belly fat FAST has been a part of my extensive background for years.  Now it’s yours to discover!

As a result, happy clients make me ecstatically happy with their results!  All walks of life that have entered these doors have more desire for life, more vivacious vitality and enjoy endless energy. And let’s not forget the confidence!  

How did they get there?! By using Body Health Coach!  Kristine is an excellent Trainer that completely gets you.

She incorporates stellar meal plans for losing weight coupled with fast, full body workouts that rev the engine of metabolism for hours.

Perhaps you’ve been trying to get your pre-baby body back. Maybe you once had that nice body and have lost. You wonder if there is any hope. 

Let me give it to you straight. YES THERE IS! 

Have you ever thought about preparing to go on stage in a bikini for a fitness competition? Are you in need of help to navigate the 1000’s of products and to find the right one?  THIS IS THE PLACE FOR YOU! 


I need to share this important piece with you.  My clients success rates are high because they are COACHABLE. Wonderful people that have sky rocketing success.  Is this you?  If you can listen and emulate what your coach (me!) tells you to do, you will not go wrong.  I PROMISE!

Having a Nutritionist and a Personal Trainer in your back pocket is an extremely valuable tool you receive when becoming a member of Body Health Coach.

Meal plans that never count a calorie are on this site and built with you in mind.  Choose your dietary lifestyle and you’re all set. Don’t forget to grab your copy of Guidelines and Notes below those meal plans to maximize your results.  Send me an email whenever you need help.  That’s what I am here for.

Kick Frustration to the Curb


Whether you are looking for workout motivation (stay tuned on this one), a girlfriend to lean on, or desperately need help adopting a more healthy lifestyle, BHC is your warm welcome powder room to feel loved, accepted and a sense of belonging.

FED UP and FRUSTRATED is not in this girl’s vocabulary. It won’t be in yours either! Today is a new day.  Trying to lose weight is hard but your online trainer is right here for you!

Since you have finally found someone who has both the years and the experience for you, excitement should be running up and down your spine! I know I feel this way when I encounter a super human to help me in an area of life. We should all use coaches at some point in our life.  It’s a sweet thing.

I’ve done the homework, tested the diets and researched the supplements. I bring all of this to the table so you don’t have to take the journey alone.

My wealth of nutrition knowledge is truly my gift and I am very excited to be able to share it with you.

I promise you will learn a ton of information!

Kristine Srigley

Who is Body Health Coach, Niagara’s Online Trainer?

Body Health Coach is committed to providing the highest quality of information, products and services within the fitness and nutrition industry to individuals and families, which provide them with optimal healthy lives.

We put Members and Customers first and strive to secure their loyalty through top quality information, products and service. Professionalism and Excellence shows  in everything we do. Helping individuals and families live healthier, more productive lives is the top priority.

Continually effort and focus is our forte, bringing valuable insights, products and services that provide maximum mental, physical and nutritional fitness.