April 2018

food affects mood, food and depression, healthy food, brain food, brain fog, choosing the right foods

Improving Your Mood Through Food

Hey lovelies. I’ve been seeing this a lot in my practice lately as well as having the conversations with some of my girls so in light of that, I wanted to briefly jump on and do a short blog. Living well and living that healthy life isn’t limited to just engaging in exciting activities or […]

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weight loss secrets, fat loss secrets, weight loss scams

Secrets That Weight Loss Companies Don’t Want You To Know

Everyone loves a good secret, right?  A good secret can be exhilarating and juicy. Often times, entertaining. However, when secrets are used as a means to take advantage of others, those feelings of excitement soon turn to feelings of rage with me.  How about you?? I’m talking primarily about weight loss companies from all over […]

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