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LIVING THAT HEALTHY LIFE ONE DAY AT A TIME BECAUSE LET’S FACE IT,   DIETS SUCK. I am you Body Health Coach, but what exactly is a body health coach? I help like-minded women to be understood, be listened to, motivated and inspired to be the fittest, happiest and hottest women around! Whether you are […]

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just tell me what to eat

Just Tell Me What to Eat to Lose Weight

Hello beauties!! Hot off this month’s press today is a request I get asked all the time. “Just tell me what to eat and I’ll do it!” They want to know specifics on what to eat, when to eat, what does that look like, how long will it take and the BIGGEST yet is, “How […]

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When to eat carbs

When To Eat Your Carbs

Let’s just take an example of a “typical” breakfast for a moment…. And let’s say today’s breakfast is a bowl of Kashi Go Lean cereal. It has 13 grams of protein per 1 cup serving and and 5 grams of fibre. OK, so off the top, I am not overly impressed with the 9 grams […]

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kick diets out

Show up, Kick Doubt Out and No BS Today

I went to the gym this morning and it felt like another day. Nothing spectacular. I even started my workout and the thought crept in my head and said “man, I’m not really into this today”. So, I told me brain to SHUT UP, SUCK IT UP and STRAIGHTEN UP. After all, today was a […]

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food cravings

Why We Crave Delicous Food and What To Do About it

Let’s hope right in and get to it, shall we? There are three basic factors responsible for food cravings. The first one is hormonal imbalance. I don’t need to say anything more to my ladies out there as we all know how that affects our monthly cycle. Drop the chocolate and no one gets hurt!!! […]

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cottage life, clean eats

How this Nutritionist Cheats on Her Diet While on Vacation

I am finally at the cottage, coffee in hand and the sun is starting to set. It is a very welcomed vacation and I can already feel the rejuvenating process take hold. This is going to be a 4 day get away that will take me on an occassional nature run (yay!), time spent with […]

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hitting your health and fitness goals

Fundamental Steps to Nail your Success

The most important thing I want you to remember about this blog is that it is merely a teaching guideline. But a very good one if ya ask me! However, with that being said, fundamentals are extremely important for you to set the pace for both learning and for a successful journey. All fundamentals in […]

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stress, immune system, indian ginseng

ASHWAGANDHA For Stress Relief

Many friends and many clients are stressed to the max these days. It’s no wonder, right? Tech overload, mom overload, life overload. I was just having a conversation with my bestie about natural ways to combat stress and told her about a fantastic remedy I used to use, and quite frankly, need to get my […]

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weights and healthy food

This Weight Loss Combo Helps Fat Loss

Here we are my healthy friends! Gearing up for yet another summer! Woohooo!!! I AM EXCITED!! All my clients are very absolutely jovial! Number 1: Cuz it’s Summer of course!!! And… Number 2: Cuz I told each and every client to just chill out for the next couple of weeks and NOT stick to their […]

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protein powder, weight loss, secrets in weight loss, truth on weight loss, weight loss shakes, protein recipes, protein pancakes. protein ice cream, protein muffins

The Endless Love of Protein Powders for Weight Loss…with Tips and Recipe Ideas!!!!

Clients ask me what to look for when shopping for a protein powder supplement and if they are really necessary. So much so, I think it’s time I let you in on the real deal to help you make informed decisions. Let me start off by saying it is absolutely imperative you are getting enough […]

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clean eating, weight loss food, weight loss truths, heatlhy food,

Clean Eats Fridge Snapshot

The most popular questions, or comments I get is what does your fridge look like? What do you eat to be healthy? Well today I’m going to tell you and show you. First off, let me tell you I have lost the actual photo of MY fridge so I have substituted with someone else’s kind […]

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